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If the review request was sent before you received the product/service you ordered or if you feel it is too early to respond, don't panic. The email containing the review request is valid for three months.

Take the time to enjoy your purchase, then submit your review when you feel ready. Review requests can be sent up to 12 months after the order date. This process allows us to keep the ratings up-to-date and to obtain abetter idea of the merchant’s reliability.

In our email review forms, we distinguish between brand reviews and product reviews.

In the brand review section, you should describe your purchasing experience on the website and/or with the brand (website navigation; page loading time; ergonomics; design;; how easy/hard it was to contact the company; how friendly & helpful (or not) the customer service was; simplicity of the ordering process; the in-store welcome; waiting time at checkout etc.). These reviews are published on the brand's Verified Reviews certificate.

For the product review (usually in the second part of the form), you should only describe what you think of the product. You can indicate what you liked and what you didn’t like. For an online purchase, this product review is published directly on the product page. It can be found next to the product picture and helps consumers make purchasing decisions.

This moderation step is required by ISO 20488. It allows for a fair and productive discussion between the merchant and the consumer before the review is published, especially if there is a need to clarify a problem or fix a mistake.

This phase also allows us to check that the review does not contain any content that would prohibit its publication (personal data, insults, defamation, random characters etc.).

As long as reviews are being moderated, subsequent reviews will not be published in order to follow the chronological order in which the reviews were written.

As mentioned in the answer to question 3, we distinguish between brand and product reviews. Once the review has gone through a moderation period and has been approved by our moderation team, it is published and appears in various places.

The review of the purchasing experience appears on the merchant’s Verified Reviews certificate (example : Lostgolfballs)

The review of the purchased product is published directly on the product page, next to the picture of the product and helps consumers decide if they would like to purchase it (example : Lost gofballs callaway chrome soft)

/!\ Please note that brand and product reviews are analyzed separately by our moderators. As a result, your review of the purchasing experience may be published before the review of the purchased product or vice versa. You will be notified when your brand review and product review are published.

Have you just filed a review and forgotten to mention something? Or have you been in contact with customer service and would like to reconsider your review?

If the review has already been published, you can flag it by clicking on the flag to the right of the review and ask to modify/delete it.

If your review has not yet been published, please contact us at and indicate that you would like to modify/delete your review. Our team will then send you a new review request if necessary.

Verified Reviews is a company paid by merchants to collect customer reviews. This does not mean that we are protecting them or that we are under any obligation to achieve a certain rating.

We are completely impartial. Here are some ways in which we guarantee our objectivity:

  • Our remuneration is based on the total number of orders received by the merchant. Consequently, there is no obligation to achieve specific outcomes, neither in terms of positive or negative reviews, nor in terms of the number of filed reviews. Moreover, we go beyond simply collecting reviews. We allow our partners to benefit from marketing channels that improve their visibility, online reputation, customer relations and follow-up customer service.
  • This allows the company to identify its strengths and weaknesses, capitalizing on the former and correcting the latter. As you can see, merchants use our service in order to benefit from a complete marketing solution and not simply to publish the best reviews from their customers.
  • As a trusted third party service, our mission is to establish a transparent relationship between businesses and consumers. Therefore we take a neutral stance on reviews. Indeed, no company can pay to remove or postpone the publication of a review, and everyone must follow the same rules. Our moderation team treats both consumers and businesses fairly and impartially.
  • We comply with the ISO 20488 standard, which sets out a very strict framework for the entire process of collecting, moderating and publishing reviews. Therefore, it is not possible to choose which customers will be surveyed, since everyone is asked to participate without exception. By choosing us, merchants know that they will have to accept all reviews, positive or negative.

There are multiple review solutions like ours. Some are even free and it would be very easy to only publish what suits the merchants. However, the companies using our Verified Reviews service have a dual financial and ethical commitment. In return, our teams do their best todeliver a level of satisfaction that matches these commitments on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, some misinformed companies, , might be upset that negative reviews are not removed. In any case, we stand by our commitments and let these merchants go, rather than deleting reviews that we consider perfectly legitimate.

This question is often asked because of confusion about platforms with highly rated merchants. Is there a trick? Are reviews artificially enhanced?

There is no cheating - the answer is simple.

The method of collection merchants use can easily widen the gap in ratings from one platform to another. The merchants’ choice of either passively letting customers to file reviews voluntarily or to proactively collect them will influence not only the ratings but the volume of reviews.

When the purchasing experience goes well, the average customer will not leave a review, since it’s "normal" for them to not encounter any problems.  As soon as they do encounter a problem and everything is no longer going smoothly, they’ll wish to make their voice heard and will turn to social media and forums in order to spread the message.

The customer will look for a place to file a review on voluntary review platforms. Given the variety of platforms, the customer may decide to leave multiple reviews using either an identified account or a pseudonym. This method is a very accessible way for customers to leave reviews, but it is not representative of the overall image of a company. In general, only unsatisfied customers will take the time to find a forum, open an account and write a review.

Indeed, when customers encounter a problem and everything is no longer going smoothly, they’ll wish to make their voice heard and will turn to social media and forums to spread the message. This is why voluntary review platforms often have a low number of reviews with mostly poor ratings, unlike proactive, request-based review platforms. On request-based platforms such as Verified Reviews, there are many more reviews and they give a clearer picture of the  reviewed companies’ quality of service .

Verified Reviews offers what is known as proactive review collection, by polling all customers through post-purchase emails. This makes it possible to survey all customers, including a proportion of satisfied customers who would not have otherwise considered giving their opinion spontaneously. The other advantage is that the identity of the review’s author is known, even if their anonymity is preserved once the review is published. Each review has an author and each author is linked to a purchase. Our processes are further supported by the fact that we are ISO 20488-compliant. This allows us to create a seamless and optimal solution. The goal is not only to provide fairer ratings, but also to enable merchants to understand and analyze more realistic customer feedback.

Voluntary reviewing is the act of writing a review without being asked to do so. With voluntary reviewing, Internet users do not have to prove that they are real customers. At Verified Reviews, we prefer to work differently, by automatically surveying all customers.

This method allows us to obtain more feedback and create an overall picture that reflects reality more clearly. Indeed, a sample of 300 people will be more representative than a sample of 10.

We receive information automatically and directly from the merchants’ databases. This ensures that there is no selection or modification of consumer data and that we only send review requests to real customers.

We have also developed advanced algorithms that cross-reference different types of data to detect potentially fraudulent reviews. In addition, our quality management team carries out regular checks and may contact consumers randomly to verify their identity.

Finally, Internet users are also involved in the fight against fake reviews. They can use the flagging system to inform us about reviews they find suspicious.

In order to guarantee your anonymity, only your first name and the initial of your last name will appear next to the review. Your data will never be reused by Verified Reviews for commercial purposes.

Once you have finished writing your review, you will also have the option of anonymising your data from the thank you page:

Our company has always been particularly concerned about confidentiality and protecting the personal data of its users and customers.

We necessarily collect certain data such as the surname, first name, email address, purchase date and order reference in order to confirm that an author has purchased a product or service.

Indeed, we only collect this data in order to obtain reviews, as evidenced by our TOS and our compliance with international data privacy regulations.

Please feel free to browse our Privacy Policy for more information on this subject.

#12: Why did I receive a review request even though I did not give my consent?

We only process personal data to measure customer satisfaction and not for commercial purposes. We do this based on the merchants’ legitimate interest in improving their services and customer experience, for which the data protection regulations do not require specific consent.

However, if you no longer wish to receive review requests from us, we can add you to our blacklist by contacting us at

To request deletion of data, please also write to