How we work

Verified Reviews is committed to authenticity and transparency.

Verified Reviews is committed to authenticity and transparency. In order to provide a transparent service that collects, moderates and publishes authentic reviews, our software solution is a monthly subscription based on the number of orders placed on a merchant's website.

The merchants using our services have access to a platform. After subscribing, they can automatically send review requests to their customers and then respond to the collected feedback.

Our software solution offers more than just the collection of customer reviews. Our partners benefit from several marketing channels that improve their visibility and analyse customer feedback to improve internal processes and purchasing experiences.

Verified Reviews, a transparent & impartial trusted third party service

Verified Reviews therefore enables a company to identify its strengths and weaknesses, capitalising on the former and correcting the latter. Although this service is paid for by the brands, we have no obligation to obtain any specific amount of positive or negative reviews. We take a neutral stance on reviews. No company may request postponing the publication of a review or its removal.

All the rules that must be followed (both by Verified Reviews and by merchants) are defined in the ISO 20488 standard.

Our values




Meet some of the Verified Reviews team members

Our mission is to ensure the authenticity of reviews for consumers and to help merchants improve their services.


Hi, my name is Gregor Kendrick and I have been working on the Verified Reviews moderation team since 2020.

One of my daily tasks is to review the moderation of reviews to make sure that this process is conducted properly. Therefore, i am constantly in touch with our moderators for different markets and in multiple languages. In addiction, I respond to inquiries from our clients as well as consumers.

For our clients, I organize trainings to explain our platform as well as to give recommendations on how to deal with reviews, e.g. that every feedback, positive or negative, is important and deserves to be treated transparently and impartially.

What is the
ISO 20488 standard?

At a time when freedom of expression reigns online, you may ask yourself: "What is the legal framework for customer reviews on the Internet?”

In 2014, AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation, the French member of the International Organization for Standardization) published the world's first standard to regulate online reviews: the NF Z74-501 standard.

This standard was then adopted by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and became the first global standard for the collection, moderation and publication of reviews: ISO 20488.

In order to monitor the collection, moderation and publication of online reviews, three steps must be closely followed:

Step 1

Collection of reviews

Verified Reviews acts as a third party and collects consumer reviews on behalf of its e-commerce clients.

All consumers, without any pre-selection, will be asked to submit a review.

Reviews will be collected from authenticated users with proof of purchase.

Step 2


The decision to remove illegal and inappropriate content will be taken according to the criteria outlined by the ISO 20488 standard.

The consumer will be notified if their review is rejected and will have the opportunity to submit a new one.

Online retailers cannot edit or delete comments.

The moderation period gives online retailers the opportunity to respond and handle a problem with their customer before the review is published.

Step 3

Publication of reviews

All reviews, both positive and negative, will be published.

The reviews are displayed from the most recent to the oldest by default.

of reviews

All reviews go through a pretermined moderation period before being published. We check if the content complies with our Terms of Service (TOS) based on the conditions of publication defined by the 20488 standard.

This period makes it possible to identify reviews that are not publishable (reviews containing insults, personal data, defamation, random characters, etc.) and to let merchants contact you in order to settle the dispute or offer an explanation.

For your information, our reviews are subject to the ISO 20488 standard, which establishes the processes of collecting, moderating and publishing online customer reviews. The moderation period is required by this standard.

If your review complies with our TOS, it will be validated by our system, and the review will be published.

If your review does not comply with our TOS, it will be refused. You will then be notified of the refusal reason by email, and you will have the opportunity to write a second one in accordance with our TOS.

In order to ensure that your review is published, here are some basic guidelines to follow:

Tips for writing your review

Inappropriate, offensive, racist or defamatory comments will not be accepted

Feel free to provide some context to explain the facts!

Your feedback should only relate to your experience with the company and should not mention any competitors.

We distinguish reviews of purchased products and from reviews about the shopping experience. Don't worry, this process is transparent and you will be guided through the submission of your review.

In order to ensure your anonymity, we ask that you do not include your last name, contact details or any other identifying information in your review.

All reviews are kept by Verified Reviews for 18 months. After this period, they become completely anonymised. You may, within 12 months after filling your review, request to change it.Once this period has passed, you can only request its withdrawal.

Who are we?

A trusted third party service
for consumers

Verified Reviews is a trusted third party service specialising in the collection, moderation and publication of post-purchase customer reviews. Brands from all sectors can use our service to collect authentic customer reviews. All this allows brands to identify their customers' needs and develop new areas of improvement!

For you as a consumer reviews play a key role in your decision making. They allow you to judge the reliability of a website as well as the relevance and quality of a product or service.

From the South of France to the world

Verified Reviews belongs to Net Reviews, a Marseilles-based French company created in 2012 and now present in some fifty countries.

From Marseilles to São Paulo, via Madrid or Miami, our service is translated and adapted to each culture, thus contributing to the international influence of innovative companies.

Today, our 500 employees are part of a dynamic, human adventure. We all share the same ambition: to make the voices of consumers heard, both in France and abroad.

Did you know? Verified Reviews has over 100 million reviews