Reviews are also important for companies who can then improve and fix problems flagged by consumers.

In Europe, 43% of consumers write reviews compared to 66% of Americans. The reasons differ from country to country, but the purpose is the same. Whether you are looking to advise the company or future buyers, your feedback is a goldmine of information!

Why use a trusted third party service to post a review?

Today, we can express ourselves anywhere and everywhere. On social networks, on different online platforms... But there are many risks with reviews that have been written spontaneously, for Internet users as well as companies.

How can you be sure that a review is genuine post-purchase feedback? Is the reviewer sincere, or is he or she trying to harm (or misrepresent) the company? And who does this review belong to: a customer, an unfair competitor, or the company itself?

To avoid having to wonder about all these questions, it is best to submit a review via a trusted third party service.

For example, the Verified Reviews platform only collects post-purchase reviews through review requests sent via email. Unlike plateforms for unrequested reviews, we can link each review to a specific purchase and customer. That way, we only send review requests to genuine customers who have actually purchased from the reviewed merchant or shop.

Our solution is unique because we always survey every customer: the merchant will have to accept that post-purchase emails are automatically sent to every customer. This transparent system ensures that reviews and overall ratings are authentic.