Control your reputation all over the internet

Review management +

Simplify your life by moderating all your reviews from the same platform!

Do you want to follow the reviews about your business coming from different sources, directly from one same platform?

The Verified Reviews solution allows you to have only one interface to manage your Google reviews and other essential sources for your business!

In addition to collecting and viewing your reviews, you will be able to respond to them, showing your customers that you care about their satisfaction.

Review Balancing

Go even further with the opinions of your customers! Distribute them everywhere you are visible.

Your reputation is precious, take care of it! How do you take care of it? Our teams accompany you to mobilize your promoters on the different sources of the web where people talk about you.

With Review Balancing, you call on your customers to improve your opinions on Google My Business and other strategic sources.

Authenticity remains a priority, and it is with this objective in mind that we want your reputation to be the one you really deserve!

Go further

Help your future customers to trust you.

What if you maximize the potential of your opinions on the internet?

The purpose of a review is to help your future customers to choose you. The more visible it is, the more you will achieve this goal.

The syndication of your reviews gives you the opportunity to publish your reviews on the web pages of your stores. Take advantage of this opportunity to increase your sales performance!

Gathering opinions to webcasting

There are several ways to rebalance your reputation on the web.

All these tools have a single objective - Help you get the reputation you deserve everywhere on the internet.

Reviews Management +

Have your promoters relay their opinions on the Internet (Facebook, GMB, etc.).

Reviews Balancing

Your customers receive requests for reviews to be posted on all the sites where you are visible.

Re-balancing your reputation, your rating and your opinions on the web.